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🤵 Personal Information


telegram: @nesterione

📊 Summary

Open for opportunities in product companies / startups (Seed/Series A)

Considering only locations: DE/UK/NL/PL/LT/EE

Role: Tech Leader in Machine Learning/ AI Architect / Backend / MLOps

Business oriented, have a product mindset and metrics-driven. Have ambitions to become a CTO. I’m interested in creating new Data-driven products, I’m good at prototyping and fast hypothesis validation.

Currently, I’m playing roles: Lead Machine Learning Engineer, AI Architect, Resource Manager and Delivery Manager. Before I had experience with machine learning engineering, MLOps, data engineering, information retrial and backend.

I’m business-oriented, focused on problem-solving and metrics, not only implementing a technical solution. I’m excited about building new products and I have the strong technical knowledge to build complex AI-driven solutions. I’m interested in having a strong connection with business goals. In my work I strictly focused on fast hypothesis validation and fast implementations workable prototypes.

I’ve been mostly working with Python and Java stack, but not restricted by those technologies and can rapidly learn other things it is needed for achieving business goals.

I had wide experience with Search Engines (solr, elasticsearch), NLP frameworks (NLTK, Spacy, Stanza, huggingfaces, flair) Machine Learning frameworks (tensorflow, keras, sklearn, pytorch) and dozen of other things. I have wide experience with organizing Machine Learning processes end-to-end and bootstrapping the work of the Data Science Team.

Several times I launched product for the local market so far.

Industries I have special experience with: Legal & Regulatory, Financial, Entertainment, Information Retrieval

🤹 Skills

Machine Learning: Flair, Hugginfaces, Pytorch, Sklearn, Keras, Tensorflow, Gensim, Data Analytics, Math, Annoy, Faiss

Machine Learning Domains: NLP, tabula data, CV documents.

ML Ops: DVC, MLFlow, Amazon Sagemaker

Software Engineering: Python, Flask, Django, Java, Spring Boot, JUnit, pytest, REST, Jena

Search Engines: Elasticsearch, Solr, Lucine

Databases: MongoDb, MySQL, MS SQL Server,

Team Management: Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Jira, trello

Environment: Docker, Linux

CI/CD: Bamboo CI, Gitlab CI, Jenkins CI, Amazon Code Build

Clouds: AWS

Architecture: Component diagrams, Sequence diagrams, UML, technical documentation

🔨 Working Experience:

💻 Machine Learning Engineer /Lead Software Engineer — EPAM Systems

Time: Aug 2020 — Now: Leading documents enrichment team

Team size: 3

Summary: Product provides case-management system for lawyers. When user uploads case, document goes through enrichment pipeline where we had chain of models to classify document type, extract entities, recognize document layout and so on.




Time: June 2021 — July 2021: Integration Sagemaker

Summary: Introduced **SageMaker **for machine learning team. Organized flow how to manage data, track metrics, manage computational resources, work on R&D tasks and create releases to make process transparent for the whole team and reproducible.

Time: Feb-2019 — Aug 2020: Implementing, design and leading sub-tracks of machine learning team

Team size: 20+

Summary: Product goals to provide an advanced exploratory search for layers and provide analytics based on the case history. The product is oriented to several EU markets and included a lot of state-of-the-art machine learning research.




📎 Senior Teacher of Information Technologies Department — Gomel State Technical University

Time: Sep-2018 — Jun 2019

I was a contributor and main instructor of course: Fundamentals of Intelligent Data Analysis. I was conducting lectures and exercises.

The course contains several sides of Data Mining focused mostly on Natural Language Processing.

Besides, I was an instructor for a diploma, my students successfully defended their works.

💻 Machine Learning Engineer / Senior Software Engineer — EPAM Systems

Time: Jul-2018 — Feb-2019: Implementing and leading R&D team

Team size: 5

Summary: This period of works includes AI-related activity which includes many projects and POCs.




💼 Co-Founder Copeck

Time: Jul 2017 — Now

Team size: 6

Summary: Product for small and near to the middle retail businesses which provide:

The project had several pivots and finally, we came up with implementing CRM with personal analytics for small businesses. We provide a simple solution when business owners can integrate our product in several minutes and start using it. We will provide fulfill information about the client base and transaction history, also simplify communications with clients and we do advanced analytics on demand. MAU: 3K

Technical Descriptions:

For this project we used many technologies, we had react.js apps and mobile applications implemented in swift and kotlin with backend implemented in java. The current version is pure python and web applications implemented in vue.js.


Product Analytics, Architecture, Backend Implementation, OPS, Project Management


Flask, Reactjs, Kotlin, Swift, JUnit, Python, Vue.js, Linux, Docker, pytest, gitlab ci, Docker/docker-compose, git, maven, Gitlab CI, bash, trello, miro, notion, MongoDb, java 8, Spring Boot, Loki, grafana

💻 Senior Software Engineer / Data Engineer - EPAM Systems

Time: Oct 2016 — Jun 2018

Team size: 8

Summary: Content Delivery Chanel intended to perform batch processing of the content and metadata and deliver content to the search engine. This project includes several sub-systems: managing environment configurations, service for managing Table of Content.




Elasticsearch, graph databases, jena-tdb, jboss fuse, tomcat, apache fuseki, ELK, kibana, sonar, findbug, pmd, checkstyle, pmd, winscp, bamboo ci, git, jira, maven, ant linux, cron, java 7, Java EE, activemq, spring 3, REST, SOAP, tomcat, jboss fuse, jena, xslt, RDF, xml, xpath, semantic web, junit, cucumber, camel, blueprint, sparql, log4j, lombok

💼 Co-Founder of Pharco

Time: Oct 2015 — Sep 2016

Team size: 8

Summary: B2B Pharmacy Consultant: This product was developed to solve several problems:

Retrospective analysis: We did quite well to translate complex business requirements to an elegant design, implemented simple UX at the same time we did nice technical solutions to support many business requirements with a simple scalable design. We had a lack of business experience and our communication with customers and go-to-market strategy wasn’t so good. Finally, the project was closed because of growth challenges.

Technical Description: Backend implemented with spring boot. Admin panel developed with AngularJS. Docker was used for project deployment. Nginx is used as a proxy. We also actively used an analytics system to collect user behavior and recognize patterns to detect UX problems and evaluate the usefulness of features.

The project includes various components:

Responsibilities: Technical Leader — SDLC process organization, code quality control, configured CI/CD, automatization. Backend developer — implementation search system including fuzzy matching, ranking, and search by anthology graph. Also developed a recommendation system based on rules. OPS, configuration servers, proxies, deployment management.

Technologies: Java 8, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring Boot, JSP, For admin-panel was used AngularJS. JPA/Hibernate, QueryDSL, Linux, Docker, JUnit / Spring Test Framework, docker-compose, git, Gradle, maven, Gitlab CI, Jenkins CI, bash, Python for data processing and aggregating from different sources, trello/gitlab issue tracker, Fiddler, MySQL (Used JPA/Hibernate, Spring Data)

📎 Senior Instructor (Java) — Educational Center “IT Class”

Jun 2015 — Oct 2016

I was responsible to develop a course to teach programming in java from scratch and conducting training lessons. The course program contained 2 sections: basic Java and Java EE. For the final project, students were implementing web applications that interact with the database and have authorization. I had good student retention and more than half of the students got jobs in the IT industry. I had 4 groups, different aged audience.

💼 Co-Founder Arenda-online

Time: 2015 — 2016

Team size: 2

Summary: Aggregation service for collecting advertisements for long-term rent. Our service collects advertisements, deduplicates and normalizes them. Provides search with ranking, filtering, and sorting results.

Retrospective analysis: When we started this project we focused mostly on the technical side and loosed important product and marketing questions. Unfortunately, you can’t create a product without talking with clients. We didn’t know a lot about Product Management.

Technical Description: We had implemented with spring backend and react.js app for UI. Google Analytics and tag manager were used. As data storage was used MongoDb, deployed in PaaS OpenShift then migrated to cloud service and Docker.

The project includes various components:

Responsibilities: Architecture, Backend Implementation, OPS, Product / Project Management

Technologies:  Java, Spring boot, React.js, OpenShift, maven, git, jsoup, ODM morphia, docker, docker-compose, Linux

📎 Assistant of Information Technologies Department - Gomel State Technical University

Aug-2014 — Aug-2016

During my work at the university, I contributed to nearly all courses in our department:

Essentially I was helping with courses:

🤗 Volunteer Experience

I am actively participating in many activities aimed at growing people, I am glad to help motivated people to develop in the IT-field, I joy to see your shining eyes.

Therefore, I am happy to take part as a participant or organizer for meetups, conferences, hackathons. I’m open to consultations about any related to my experience topics.

📢 Driving Community and Conference Speaker

I’m leading the local community, about data science and data mining. Currently, more than 100 people gather for irregular meetups ( ). Besides, I’m cooperating with other city-level communities. I regularly have a technical talk.

🦉 Advising and Mentoring

I play the role of a trainer and advisor for different disciplines: Java, Python, Machine Learning. Involved in mentoring activities.

✒ Contribution to Education

I am participating as a consultant for the university and training centers. I’m open to being invited to speak at the university about the current state of the IT industry and related to me topics.

🎓 Education

👨🏻 PhD (uncompleted) of Sukhoi state technical university of Gomel

Department: 05.13.05 Elements and devices of computer technology and control systems

Time: 2016 — 2020

Research domain: computer vision, object detection, vehicles tracking, traffic-light management, optimization

Summary: I was focused on the integration of intellectual analytics and monitoring systems of road traffic. My research was concentrated on extraction information from the video stream and building optimization models to reduce traffic-load. I was working on optimization models to be deployed on raspberry pi v3 and similar single board computers.

Systems as I worked on could be used as a supplementary component to tune already existing imitation models to correct traffic-light regimes.

Stretch goal: A city where all roads and traffic-lights know information about road situations every single moment, the system could dynamically change traffic lights regimes to normalize traffic. It is exciting, is not?

👦🏻 Master of science of Sukhoi state technical university of Gomel

Department: Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes

Time: 2014 — 2016

Diploma score: 10 (from 10)

Summary: There is a continuation of my bachelor’s work. I researched dynamic transients processes modeling with the finite element method.

Main components of developed modeling application:

👦🏻 Master of Science of Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics - ЛИМТУ (при НИУ ИТМО)

Department: Computer Engineering and Design

Time: 2014 — 2016

Diploma score: 5 (from 5)

Summary: I learned various approaches on how to design web applications, to works with vector and raster graphics. As a final project, I implemented a 3D web editor using WebGL (Three.js) and angular.js. As a result, this editor was used for other projects dedicated to mathematical modeling.

👶🏻 Bachelor of Sukhoi State Technical University of Gomel

Department: Information Technology

Time: 2009 — 2014

Diploma score: 10 **(from 10)

Summary: My student years I had research experience, participated in several conferences, and presented thesis’s related to my final project.

My final project was related to transients processes modeling. This project includes two parts:

📙 Courses